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General description

Pinflow Energy Storage, s.r.o. is a Limited Liability Development Company (with status of SME) with five co-founders spun out from New Technologies-Research Centre (University of West Bohemia) in October 2017 to commercialize the technology of vanadium redox flow battery. The company was founded by a balanced team of experienced scientists, engineers and start-up managers with 8 years of experience in the field of redox flow batteries. Pinflow develops and manufactures vanadium redox flow battery components and systems. The stacks operate at a current density of 150 mA cm-2 with 83% DC-DC efficiency. Moreover, Pinflow is manufacturing verified reliable systems for R&D and quality control of active materials for redox flow batteries (more than 50 systems installed worldwide) together with advisory in electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering. The concept of improved kW-class redox flow battery stacks was awarded within E.ON Energy Globe Award 2018. Pinflow has currently 2 full-time equivalents while employs 5 people on part-time basis.

Expertise related to the project

Pinflow licensed the know-how on 2 kW vanadium redox flow battery stacks with very low internal resistance (0.8 Ω cm² cell) and scales the stacks up to 10 kW power. While the leak-proof stable lab-cells from 4 to 400 cm² with very high reproducibility of measurement placed in tempered lab-scale test rigs are an efficient tool for long-term conceptual testing of active cell materials and electrolytes, the unique kW-scale test-rigs assure comprehensive electrochemically-engineering characterization of kW-class redox flow battery stacks (up to 10 kW) together with their hydrodynamics. Own software assures evaluation of data obtained from sensors and control the completely experimental test bench.