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General description

The Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (EI-JKU) is a not-profit research organization, whose multidisciplinary knowledge of more than one scientific field is essential for energy-related research topics. Our three departments cover Energy Economics, Energy Law and Energy Technologies. This combination of core disciplines allows comprehensive analyses and accounts for all aspects of future-oriented renewable energy and product topics. The institute’s analyses range from feasibility studies of PtG and energy storage applications to economic quantifications of possible substituted system costs and the analysis of legal barriers regarding development of innovative energy technologies. EI-JKU is deeply rooted in the Austrian research community, publishes in high impact journals and possesses experience from our participation in national and European research projects. The practical and policy applicability of our efforts is always an indispensable focus of the Energy Institute, and the scientific results of multiple projects and studies conducted by the EI-JKU have been the driving force for a high number of innovative solutions in sustainable energy.

Expertise related to the project

EI-JKU has extensive experience in wide range of energy related projects, with the European approaches in such research topics as security of supply, socio-economic research, energy and resource efficiency in industry, etc. EI-JKU is a key stakeholder of research projects in the 7th framework program and Horizon2020 (PEAKapp #695945, SESAME FP7 #261696, SPARKS FP7 #608224, SunLiquid #322386, ChiBio #289284, ECHOES #727470, STORE&GO #691797, SMARTEES #763912, S-PARCS #785134, and BAMBOO #820771) and performs there amongst others Life Cycle Assessment of innovative energy production and storage technologies. The multi-level and multidisciplinary approach to applied research in the complex energy field provides deep insights in the market potential of innovative energy systems and gives feedback about environment effects. EI-JKU is therefore providing technical / economic staff resources with in-deep knowledge in assessment covering all in HyFlow necessary dimensions of investment optimization and sustainability.