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General description

FREQCON GmbH is a SME with more than 80 employees, founded in 1988. The headquarter and manufacturing facility is based in Rethem, Northern Germany. The headquarter and manufacturing facility is based in Walsrode/Rethem. The R&D department is also located for the most part at this location, supplemented by a small branch office in Minden (Germany). A sales & project management office is based in Boyle, Ireland. The company is specialized in the development and manufacturing of power converter systems and control systems for renewable energy applications and grid stabilization systems. FREQCON has a strong focus on Research & Development and is a member of the IERC (International Energy Research Centre) in Cork, Ireland. Originally founded to develop and manufacture power electronics for wind turbines, the company now delivers solutions for wind, solar and hydropower applications as well as for energy storage projects. Another focus is the off-grid sector with solutions for rural electrification in developing countries based on renewable energy. FREQCON is a member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification. FREQCON is also developing power electronic solutions for other manufacturers based on license agreements. The research & development department develops hard- and software and cooperates with a number of first-class suppliers in the field. FREQCON products have been deployed worldwide in applications with 45 GW installed capacity. Based on FREQCON’s long-standing experience in power conversion technology and control systems the company has all the required capabilities to carry out the tasks described in the proposal. More information about FREQCON can be found on the company website

Expertise related to the project

FREQCON is a leading German engineering and manufacturing company of power converters and control systems for renewable energy systems and energy storage applications. The core task of FREQCON in the project is the implementation of control strategies for virtual inertia in industrial scale energy storage infrastructure. FREQCON is already active as a system integrator on the European market and therefore has great knowledge about requirements of storage systems for different applications and knows their integration potentials. Moreover, FREQCON is already selling power electronics such as inverters for storage system. The HyFlow concept offers an optimal basis for the continuation of these activities within more complex energy systems with the possibility to deliver even the fastest grid services e.g. virtual inertia to connected grid sections. FREQCON works as a system integrator to build up the industry-scale demonstrator of the hybrid energy storage system developed during HyFlow.