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General description

Epic Power is a Spanish SME devoted to the application of power electronic technologies to energy efficiency, DC micro grids and energy storage systems in industrial applications (AGVs, cranes, elevators, nautical applications, EES). In particular, we are mainly focused in selling industrialized bidirectional DC/DC converters. Our technologies rely on robust isolated converters that guarantee that the bidirectional efficiency is high enough to grant a reasonable ROI in retrieving and returning the energy from multiple sources and loads. We are a spin-off company of the University of Zaragoza and our research roots and constant interaction with other research centers keep us at the most current level. As an example, we achieve ultra-high efficiency thanks to our early adoption of Silicon Carbide transistor technology. Recently, state-of-the-art control strategies allow our systems to act not only as DC energy transformers, but also as battery chargers and battery health monitors, among others. Our designs take into account, from early stages, the restrictions that would apply such as smooth production, regulations and certifications, usability and most relevantly, costs.

Expertise related to the project

Epic Power is a power electronics company with relevant experience in development and production of equipment for Energy Storage Systems. Thereby, especially our development of innovative power electronics e.g., DC/DC converter to connect and control Energy Storage Systems more efficient is of relevance for the proposed project. As another proof of the relevance of Energy Storage systems as an application field for our company, we have been exhibitors at the most important European fair for that matter: EES Munich (part of The Smarter-E) both in 2018 and in 2019. The project requires a hardware knowledgeable company with capacity to develop pilot systems in a reasonable time that can grant that higher-level strategies will work. We expect that the developments e.g. by DC/DC converters during HyFlow could be placed in the market in 4 years from the start of the project. The HyFlow concept offers an optimal basis for the continuation of these activities within more complex energy systems with higher performance requirements, new communication protocols and in general new converter topologies escpecially optimized for hybrid energy storage systems.