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IEEE eGrid 2021

08. – 10.11.2021

☆ High power electronic devices and converter
☆ Impacts of high-power electronic devices on power grids
☆ System-level control and integration of eGrid
☆ eGrid requirements for resilient networks
☆ Regulatory and policy aspects for eGrid
☆ Solid-state protections
☆ Cyber and physical grid security
☆ Communications and control of microgrids
☆ Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in eGrid
☆ Standard development for eGrid
☆ HVDC and multi-terminal HVDC
☆ Solid-state power substations
☆ Virtual power plants with 100% renewable penetration levels and grid-forming substations
☆ System services requirements for eGrid
☆ Role of grid-forming converters for eGrid

Location: Online
Organizer: IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES)